Thursday, November 03, 2016

Peru’s new passport full of problems

Peru’s new passport full of problems

Alvaro Tassano

According a report, the new biometric passports have shown issues due to errors in the software, printing, the safety film, the fingerprint, and others.

On July 8, hundreds of residents flocked the Migration office in the district of Breña to collect their new biometric passports. However, due to the lack in coordination in the appointments and the amount of technical flaws in the system, chaos and confusion ensued.

Now, a new report presented by the news channel Panorama exposes more problems.
According to the report, the new biometric passports have shown to have a number of issues due to errors in the software, printing, on the safety film, on the chip, the fingerprint, among others.

The errors found occurred after the Peruvian government paid the French company Gemalto – Imprimerie S/ 102 million soles to put together the software.

The first problem surfaced after authoriets did not follow the deadlines described in the contract, by not conducting a test run with only a few passports (to identify errors before it is available to the entire population).

Humala's administration sped the process to make the passports available 20 days before the end of this government, and not the end of August as it was first scheduled. According to Panorama, the change was made by the express request of former superintendent Boris Potozen, who was close to the previous administration.

“This would explain why the computer system crashed. Between July 8 and July 31, 50% of (the system) collapsed,” revealed the Migration superintendent, Eduardo Sevilla, before Congress.

In August, the percentage of systems errors experienced with the biometric passports was 68% and 73% in September.

Furthermore, according to the report, a Lithuanian software, one of the cheapest in the world, with Chinese-made machines was implemented. The contract also, 400,000 passports per year will arrive from France; however, twice as many are required to meet the demand.

Congressman Victor Andres Garcia Belaunde warned Panorama that these problems with this type of document, could cause problemsfor Peruvians traveling abroad.

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